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Residential Wireless Services

To Inquire About New Service Please Give us a Call or Fill Out the Form on our Wireless Coverage Page.

Our Posted Pricing is the maximum you can expect to pay for our services. Pricing is all-inclusive of any taxes and fees that may apply. Call Today to see what promotional offer may be available in your area for discounted monthly and installation rates.

Native Network Packages

Basic- $71.00/monthly*

Speed Range: Up to 10mbps down/10mbps up

Medium- $96.00/monthly*

Speed Range: Up to 15mbps down/15mbps up

Advanced- $116.00/monthly*

Speed Range: Up to 30mbps down/30mbps up

Custom- Custom Pricing*

Speed Range: Up to 1gbps down/1gbps up

Customized to needs with availability up to 1gbps down/1gbps up.
Pricing starts at $400 for lesser speeds, customized pricing based on available capacity.

Extended Network Package


Speed Range: Up to 5mbps - 25mbps down / 1mbps - 15mbps up - Service is completely unlimited, however, our extended network partners reserve the right to terminate service with usage that approaches or exceeds 1 terabyte per month.

*Internet Speeds on the Delmarva WiFi Network directly correlate to line of sight, obstructions, and distance between the Delmarva WiFi antenna and the Delmarva WiFi tower. Speeds are also dependent on the type of equipment utilized which can vary from tower to tower. Speeds may be limited based on the overall capacity of the tower and custom-speed packages may be provided to customers at higher prices than published above. Tower and customer premise equipment may limit available speeds and legacy customers may not qualify for higher speed plans or packages. While it is our goal for 100% of our customers to receive 100% of the speeds, they will vary based on path obstructions. Please call today for details about your specific location.